Key Takeaways from YFC Regional Leadership Conference

Our team at YFC just enjoyed a life-giving, insightful weekend together at the Youth for Christ Regional Leadership Conference. Here are a few key takeaways:

1. Interdependency: The distinct theme of not only the conference, but also the organization’s direction is interdependency. This idea was unpacked throughout the weekend, centering on our need as leaders to be dependent on Christ and one another. John 17 captures this, as our oneness truly has power. We will not bear fruit isolated from an interdependent relational focus on Christ and others.

2. Casting a Big Vision: YFC National desires to one day reach 1,000,000 young people through authentic, Christ-sharing relationships. Currently, the organization is reaching less than 100,000. This vision will not happen overnight. But why cast a small vision when there is overwhelming need? More importantly, why cast a small vision when we have a huge God? Through interdependency on Christ and one another, we believe a big vision should be cast across the entire YFC movement. Our chapter is thrilled to be a player in this.


3. Fun: We took 11 local leaders to the conference, and we had a blast. Two six-hour van rides, time in the hotel, eating out, and soaking up the conference created more meaningful bonds among our leaders. The unity of our team has been strengthened, and it largely happened through having fun together. One simple way to create interdependency with others is to simply have fun and laugh together. We did plenty of this!

These few days strengthened and equipped us for ministry in Rockford. We now take practical steps to develop as leaders. Please be praying for us!