The Meaning of Campus Life


In all of our ministries, we value going to where young people are—schools, the YMCA, the juvenile detention center.

This is at the heart of YFC’s mission as we seek to engage lost 11-19 year olds in Christ-centered, mentoring relationships.

One of our staff members, Dan Sears, recently described our approach in such a helpful manner, connecting what we do to what God has done for us. Here are his words:

“Where are you?”

This is the first question God asked mankind in the Bible. Of course, God knew exactly where Adam and Eve were. And He came down to them. He seeks us out much the same way, right where we are. No matter the circumstances. Jesus has over 40 such encounters with people in the Gospels, with few being in a religious setting. Most are at homes and in the workplace. And so, we feel called to meet students right where they are. On their turf.

This is Campus Life.