Welcome to YFC: Tyrone Garrett


We are excited to welcome Tyrone Garrett to YFC! He has joined the team as our Campus Life Site Director at East High School.

Tyrone has served as a volunteer at YFC in recent years, and he previously worked at The Pregnancy Care Center. He and his wife (Chelsea) have been married for a year.

Here is a quote from Tyrone on joining our team:

“I'm excited that I get to be with an amazing organization and staff. I love the work that is being done in our community and the fact I get to be a part of it amazes me. That I get to go back to a school where I attended as a student, to impact students as they impact their peers to show them the love of Jesus.”

Welcome to the team, Tyrone! You can contact him HERE.

Welcome to YFC: J.R. Flannigan


We are excited to welcome J.R. Flannigan to YFC! He has joined the team as our Juvenile Justice Ministry Aftercare Coordinator.

J.R. also pastors Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church. He previously ministered in a variety of settings in Chicago, including church ministry and through an organization reaching juvenile men called Project Hood. J.R. and his wife (D’Lisa) are honored to parent two daughters.

Here is a quote from J.R. on joining our team:

“What excites me about serving with YFC is the fact I get an opportunity to shine some light on young people each and every week that truly come from various backgrounds. Knowing what youth have to deal with everyday from peer pressure, bullying and even neglect, and knowing that Jesus Christ allows little me to help heal some of those issues is why I love serving with YFC.”

Welcome to the team, J.R.! Contact him HERE.

Welcome to YFC: Adam Palmer


We are excited to welcome Adam Palmer to our staff at Youth for Christ. He has joined the team as our City Life Ministry Director.

His role centers upon overseeing City Life programming at the Swedish American Riverfront YMCA. He also has involvement with Juvenile Justice Ministry Aftercare. He is a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies with an emphasis on Youth Ministry.

Adam is also an Army combat veteran who served three tours in Iraq and received the Purple Heart. He also has experience in fitness training, coaching, missions, and management. Adam and his wife, Ellenie, have been married since 2008 and have three children. They recently moved to Rockford from North Carolina.

Here is a quote from Adam on joining our team:

“Jesus saved me both physically and spiritually when I was hit by an improvised explosive device while on my third deployment to Iraq in 2009. For the last ten years I have been striving to grow closer to God and seeking His purpose for my life. I feel that I have been saved, redeemed, and prepared for "such a time as this.” There is nothing that I love more than making an impact in the lives of young people and watching the transformation that takes place when they find Jesus. I am so excited to be a part of a faith-filled team with the singular objective of seeing dramatic change in these young people and in this community.”

Welcome to the team, Adam! Contact him HERE.

Welcome to YFC: Zabrina Ramirez

We are excited to welcome Zabrina Ramirez to our staff at Youth for Christ. She has joined the team as our Campus Life Site Director at Lincoln Middle School.


Her role centers upon overseeing Campus Life programming at the school, building relationships with youth and supporting school staff. Zabrina graduated from Calvin College in 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Urban Studies. She recently finished a year of AmeriCorps service with City Year in Boston, where she focused on tutoring and mentoring students. She and her fiance (Phil) are getting married in September of 2020.

Here is a quote from Zabrina on joining our team:

“What excites me the most about starting at YFC, is that it is truly an answer to my prayers. In February of this year, I was in a training and they asked us to write down our ideal jobs. I wrote down a prayer to God asking specifically for a certain environment and here I am at that exact place just a couple months later. I never would have thought it would be in ministry, but looking back I can see that God has been putting certain people in my life and paving the way ever since I first started to grasp what a relationship with Him could look like. God places people where they never thought they could be, but where they're supposed to be, and does something so amazing when they choose to put Him first.”

Welcome to the team, Zabrina! Contact her HERE.

"Who's Your One?" Join Our Initiative

Our vision at YFC is large.

In fact, we have set a goal of 1,000 authentic, Christ-sharing relationships with local youth come 2023, and YFC USA has launched a campaign to reach 1,000,000 kids through such relationships.


We define an authentic, Christ-sharing relationship as this: A relationship between a YFC leader and an 11-19-year-old that has featured a minimum of two meetings and conversation on the core message of Christianity, the gospel.

Many of the relationships YFC leaders form with local youth feature far more than two meetings. They often involve shared experiences, listening, empathy, empowerment, life skills training, frequent dialogue about God and the Bible, and an intentional commitment to an active, mutually life-giving relationship.

We are committed to pursuing deep, life-on-life relationships at YFC. This is our vision, and we target our goal of 1,000 authentic, Christ-sharing relationships with missional aggression. There is an urgency for broken teens to be in relationship with Christ-centered leaders.

However, as we strive after this mission, we recognize the need to start by thinking small. Therefore, we need volunteer leaders to make one simple yet profound commitment: Find one local young person and invest in them through an authentic, Christ-sharing relationship.

To help launch this, we are getting behind the “Who’s Your One?” initiative through the North American Mission Board, desiring to see this activated at Youth for Christ. Watch this one-minute video below.

So, who’s your one? Join us at YFC as we mobilize this movement to raise up volunteer ministry leaders who are hungry to find their one.

Are you in? If so, reach out to a YFC staff member about getting connected and learning more about our various ministries. We will help you find a place to engage. Be praying about your “one” and for God’s sovereign hand to guide this effort! 

Also, stay tuned for future posts on this initiative that further explain the role of a faithful ministry leader. We need an army of leaders!

YFC Golf Outing 2019


On Monday, August 5th, the annual Stateline Youth for Christ Golf Outing was held at Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club. We enjoyed a beautiful day together!

We would like to thank the Joy Box Foundation for their generous sponsorship of this event in honor of Chuck Blomgren.

We would also like to thank Illinois Bank & Trust, Advanced Machine & Engineering, and Savant for their sponsorships (Birdie sponsors), as well as SVL Productions (Par sponsors).


We would also like to thank the following:

Putting Green sponsors: Schmeling Building Supply and 11th Street Express Printing

Hole sponsors: MembersAlliance Credit Union, Dan & Jean Clark, Movement Fitness, Wells Fargo (LaLoggia Investment), BSLBV (R.C. Pottinger), John Widell Construction, Attorney Peter A. Savitski, Lorna Haugen Tutoring, State Representative Joe Sosnowski, Rockford Christian Schools, Trekk, A & B Freight, Stifel (The Luedke Investment Group), Midland States Bank, and State Farm Insurance (David Zierke).


Summer Intern Spotlight: Angelica Bonner


This summer, I have the privilege of working as an intern with Stateline Youth for Christ. I get to spend time working with a team of amazing people whom all share the goal of helping at-risk youth reach a healthy relationship with Christ.

In the last four weeks, I’ve had the chance to bridge the gap between my gifts and my passions. Each day in the YFC office, I’ve been able to help make an indirect impact on the youth in Rockford. Working with YFC has allowed me to gain experience doing administrative and support tasks, while still having the chance to work with and impact the youth in our city. The team has helped me to learn more about myself as an individual and as a member of a team. The diversity within this amazing group of people helps to ignite creativity and productivity within every one of us, especially myself. The work that I’ve been able to do myself and observe others doing has inspired me in ways that I never expected.

In addition to the amazing work I get to do in the office, next month I will have the chance to serve as a cabin leader for the middle school summer camp. While at camp, I get to spend time with youth one-on-one and have the chance to make a direct impact on their lives. For students, summer camp tends to be a life-changing experience and the catalyst for them to say “yes” to Christ. So, I’m very excited about this opportunity, and can’t wait to see what God does for us all at camp!

During the closing half of my internship, I hope to continue learning about how the Youth for Christ organization works behind the scenes and being an asset to the Stateline Youth for Christ team. I will have the chance to be more hands-on with our youth, attending City Life sessions and being able to attend building time with students. I ask that you all continue to pray for us and the work that we’re doing in the months to come!

YFC Camp.jpg

Ways to Support

Prayers and donations are greatly appreciated! To cover us in prayer, here are a few things you can focus on:

  • A great experience at camp & the payment of all camp fees

  • For current YFC students & an increase in the number of youth we reach

To donate, feel free to give donations at www.statelineyfc.org/give.

Faithful Presence

Our team at YFC was recently challenged to consider our presence in the community.

We were encouraged to uplift the idea of “faithful presence” in the city of Rockford. This idea encourages active participation in the brokenness of our city, developing a faithful presence that listens, learns, and loves while standing in the gap of injustices.

Embodying faithful presence results in a life on mission, in which the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ is actively at work in the cracks and crevices of our city and world.


Far too often, Christians retreat from brokenness and flee blighted areas in pursuit of comfort elsewhere. However, the life of Jesus provides an example for us as believers to follow.

John 1:14 states, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…”

Jesus became human and entered into our broken world, choosing to live among us and absorb our pain. He “moved in” with a broken humanity, and He redeemed us through His death and resurrection.

Jesus is our model of faithful presence. We at YFC are seeking to magnify this. We do not want to withdraw but rather enter in. Jesus demonstrated such faithful presence. May we learn to do the same.