Investing in Our Leaders

Ministry is not always easy.

Leaders often run dry on energy, encounter family struggles, and face the weight of spiritual battle. Externally, ministry leaders can appear is if they have everything together, but internally it can be a grind.

This may sound like ministry is depressing. Now, it certainly does have its joys and many rewarding moments. But we also want to paint an accurate picture of reality. Ask any experienced ministry leader or pastor and they will most likely highlight its challenges.


This is why we place a high emphasis on investing in our leaders at Youth for Christ. We want to equip our staff for a marathon of fruitful ministry, rather than a sprint towards early “success” but ultimately burnout.

We are grateful for our YFC National organization that emphasizes personal soul care and ongoing leadership development. We are headed as a staff this weekend to the YFC Regional Leadership Conference, where we will not only be equipped to serve youth better but also reflect on our own growth towards Christ.

We want to continually encourage our leaders to draw near to the heart of God (James 4:8). Without space to pursue this, our souls are empty. We go through the motions in ministry. We hit a wall. We are vulnerable.

We therefore value weekends such as this, where our souls are refreshed. Moreover, we gain vision to take practical steps to ensure ongoing spiritual growth, marriage and family health, and best practices for fruitful ministry.

Pray for an uplifting weekend for our team. Pray more importantly for ongoing spiritual strength for our leaders. This core focus at YFC is extremely important for our organizational health and impact.