Support Youth for Christ on #GivingTuesday

What is YFC's mission?

We are focused on building Christ-centered, mentoring relationships with teens, specifically within schools, community centers, and our local juvenile detention center.



Can you give an example of an influential mentoring relationship?

An active YFC volunteer at City Life has mentored a young man who has experienced dysfunction and isolation. Over the last couple years, this young man, largely through the influence of his mentor, has obtained a driver's license, received multiple jobs, completed his GED, and learned to manage a savings account. More importantly, this relationship has featured regular dialogue on the gospel message and the Bible. This type of relational approach is the emphasis in all of Youth for Christ's ministries.


Where is YFC currently active?

We currently have four ministry sites: Auburn & Guilford High Schools (Campus Life), I.D. Pennock YMCA (City Life), and our local juvenile detention center (Juvenile Justice Ministry).


What is YFC's vision to reach additional youth?

Our vision is to expand Campus Life to additional schools, namely East and Jefferson High Schools. We also hope to launch another City Life site in an under-resourced area of Rockford and deepen efforts within the juvenile detention center in partnership with Rockford Reachout. The ultimate goal is developing hundreds of Christ-centered, mentoring relationships with teens that empower young people spiritually, socially, and academically.



Why should I support YFC on #GivingTuesday?

A contribution to Youth for Christ is deeply meaningful in supporting YFC's vision to provide needed mentorship to lost youth in the Rockford area. Every dollar moves us closer to expanding outreach to additional teens.



Please reach out to Executive Director Haddon Anderson (, 815-871-6409) if you have comments or questions.