A Vision for 2019: Excellence

It is easy to desire excellence. The hard work comes with putting excellence into action.

This is our focus at YFC in 2019. We enjoyed an exciting 2018 as we gained new staff, added ministry sites, and increased our capacity to reach lost youth with the love of Christ. Yet this growth means nothing if we do not steward all resources to exalt the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31 captures this vision, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (emphasis added).

We want to take this seriously.

First, we have developed a 5-Year Strategic Plan that unites our organization with a single, clear goal: reaching 1,000 local young people through authentic, Christ-sharing relationships. We are currently at approximately 200.

Secondly, we are identifying goals, objectives, and critical tasks for our various outreaches—City Life, Campus Life, Juvenile Justice Ministry—to work towards the overarching goal.


Lastly, we are creating accountability to learn from one another, distinguish best practices, and challenge our team towards ministry excellence.

The bottom line is that we are establishing a “scorecard.” What does “winning” look like in the ministry of Youth for Christ? With this clear vision in view, our team knows how to lead and steward all responsibilities for the glory of God.

Most importantly, as we emphasize this need for excellence, we recognize the need for God’s grace amidst this pursuit. Our “excellence” does not make us worthy of God. It’s His excellence that rescues us from our sin and makes our mission possible. Our vision is only “excellent” as we respond to the goodness of His love and grace.

Our focus will not waver from this in 2019. His excellence ignites the fire behind ministry excellence.