American teens are in crisis.

Too many teens are hurting -- depression, fatherlessness, abuse, family dysfunction, immorality, and juvenile delinquency are characterizing far too many stories.

What makes Youth for Christ unique is the deep love for youth on the fringes of society and the shadows of our community. We believe every young person's story matters, because all matter to God and are made in His image. 

This is why we engage in Christ-centered, mentoring relationships with overlooked, ignored, and lost youth. We empower the disempowered. We give hope to the hopeless. 

Our community is flooded with young people who are disadvantaged and not connected to an influential Christian leader. Imagine the impact if Youth for Christ could influence hundreds of more young people in the Rockford area. Lives will be changed. Stories will be redeemed. A community will find hope.

Will you prayerfully consider what role you might play in supporting Youth for Christ? We need an army of supporters to make our vision a reality. Here are some ways to invest in our mission:


1.     Prayer: Please pray that God would transform youth in our community, and ask Him for direction and strength for our organization.

2.     Volunteers: We desire servant-hearted volunteers with various gifts. Check out our Volunteer page for more information.

3.     Financial Support: A generous, monthly donation carries major significance as it helps build our team and reach more kids.


In Him,


Haddon Anderson