Everyone has a story and God-given beauty.

Unfortunately, the stories of our youth are too often defined by difficulties. Depression, juvenile delinquency, family dysfunction, abuse, and confusion are common themes. Stateline Youth for Christ's motto is "Give Life to Your Story." We seek to “give life” to the stories of our youth through our ministries. We specifically long to witness young people filled with new life that is found in Jesus Christ. 

Stateline Youth for Christ is actively engaging youth in our community, forming relationships in schools, the YMCA, and our local juvenile detention center. We empower the disempowered. We give hope to the hopeless. We witness youth encounter faith, hope, and love, and we see God do a beautiful work as young people see how their story is connected to God’s greater Story.

In leading Stateline Youth for Christ, my vision is to develop more and more intentional, Christ-centered relationships with lost teenagers. Would you consider partnering with us? Please consider supporting our mission in the following ways:


1.     Prayer: Please pray that God would transform youth in our community, and ask Him for direction and strength for our organization.

2.     Volunteers: We desire servant-hearted volunteers with various gifts. Check out our Volunteer page for more information.

3.     Financial Support: A generous, monthly donation carries major significance as it helps build our team and reach more kids.

Thank you for serving our youth,

Haddon Anderson, handerson@statelineyfc.org, 815-871-6409